Valor nutritivo de ensilados de sorgo (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) y pulpa de cítrico (Citrus sp.)



Lic. Dariel Morales Querol




In order to characterize the fermentation dynamics, chemical composition and in vitro nutritional value of whole sorghum plant silages with inclusion levels of fresh citrus fruit pulp, two trials were conducted. In the first one, pH, temperature, content of NNH3, short-chain fatty acids and organoleptic characteristics, were evaluated as indicators of fermentative quality of the silages; in addition, the bromatological composition was determined. A factorial design was used with random distribution and four treatments with the sorghum:pulp ratios, 100, 75:25, 50:50 and 25:75 %, four moments (14, 28, 42 and 56 days) and six repetitions for each moment. In the second trial, the nutritional value was determined through the in vitro gas production technique to determine the gas production kinetics, as well as chemical and gravimetric indicators. A randomized block design was used. The pH values in the evaluated silages oscillated between 3,29 and 4,32, and the N-NH3 values varied between 0,21 and 4,92 %N-NH3/NT (P<0,0001), increasing with the course of the evaluation. The evaluated silages showed fermentative quality indicators within the established parameters. The DM content was between 21,57 and 36,52 % and decreased with the increase of the citrus fruit pulp level in the silages. The NDF content showed significant differences among the treatments (P<0,0001) and increased throughout the evaluation when decreasing the citrus fruit pulp inclusión percentage. The Ca, Mg and P contents showed adequate levels for the requirements of grazing ruminants. Regarding the cumulative gas production, the treatments 75:25 and 25:75 % of sorghum and citrus fruit pulp showed the highest profiles; while the highest IVDMD and IVOMD corresponded to the proportions 50:50 and 25:75 % of sorghum and citrus fruit pulp. The evaluation of the fermentation dynamics, chemical composition and in vitro nutritional value of the formulations of sorghum and citrus fruit pulp silages indicate that they showed good quality and that the proportions 50:50 and 25:75 had the best characteristics as promising feedstuff in ruminant supplementation.