The livestock production structure and its incidence on the development of the territory. Case study in the Martí municipality, Matanzas province


Antonio Suset Pérez
Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey Central España Republicana 44280, Matanzas, Cuba


This doctoral thesis is the result of more than ten years of theoretical discussion about rural and local development of multidisciplinary field work and of methodological practices; in order to contribute to the transformations required by the livestock production sector and the rural areas of Matanzas province and particularly the municipality to which it makes reference. From the perspective of the case study the problem is analyzed in order to discuss the different visions that are offered on the topic, in the academy and the research, and to contrast, from the sociological perspective, with the processes that have incidence on the livestock production management of a municipality. Its global objective consists in the analysis of the relation livestock production unit-municipal government, and the appraisal of its influence on the sustainability of the development of the territory, in the face of the challenge of the transformations that are implemented in the country and where the municipality is profiled as protagonist scenario. The study contributes a systematization of theoretical approaches that prevail, on sustainable rural and territorial development, and an argument of the need to surpass the global-national vision, for the effectiveness of the transformations that are required at territorial level, in the livestock production sector and the rural areas in general. From a combination of methodologies for the comprehension of the interaction of actors, a balance is presented of the limitations and potentials of the municipality to articulate the agricultural structure to the municipal government management.