Strategic Management Model. Experiences at the UBPC “El Zapato”, Martí municipality, Matanzas province


Maybe Campos Gómez
Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey Central España Republicana 44280, Matanzas, Cuba


Strategies have been formulated in some Cuban agricultural productive organizations; however, there is not a conscious, integrating and systematized organizational procedure (for example, model and associated procedures) yet, for the strategic management that supports decisions. This generated the need to conceive a strategic management model to support decision making; appropriate in these organizations. A start is made from diverse conceptual and application models, associated to education, agricultural research and local development, with emphasis on the CIPP model, to provide a conception of the Strategic Management Model (SMM), with the premises and characteristics that support it; the model is structured in four interconnected stages, which allow to formulate the strategic planning, and its later implementation and control, with a holistic approach, as support of the set of procedures developed that constitute its methodological structure, aided by a geo-spatial information system and indicators which support decision-making. For its implementation, since 2006, the UBPC “El Zapato” was the object of practical study, which showed the possibility and convenience that such model constitutes a pertinent instrument to support decision-making aimed at establishing sustainable development programs in basic units of cooperative production. This implementation allowed to prove the general research hypothesis, due to the explicative capacity, logical consistence, feasibility, flexibility and pertinence of the GMM, integrating it to the decision-making processes, as well as to appreciate the tangible and intangible results derived from its implementation.