Interactive performance of germination, dormancy, emergence and initial growth as biological features to evaluate the vigor of the seeds of Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth.

Marlén Navarro Boulandier
Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey Central España Republicana 44280, Matanzas, Cuba


The objective of this work was to evaluate integrally the seed vigor of Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth., stored under ambient conditions, combining features of germination, dormancy, emergence and seedling growth. The characteristics considered in these biological processes were the indicators: emergence onset, emergence percentage, peak day, peak emergence, germination value, germination energy and germination rate for growth. For the initial growth the indicators were: seedling height, length of the root system and length of the hypocotyl, fresh weight of the root system and weight of the aerial part. These indicators were evaluated through a systemic analysis supported on the statistical model proposed by Torres et al. (2007). Five experiments were developed lasting three years each. The seeds from each collection were kept stored under ambient conditions and were sampled at regular intervals for one year. In some cases different pre-planting treatments and planting environments were used to know the development of the above-mentioned biological indicators. The experimental results showed that the storage of the A. lebbeck seeds was a useful method, through which the existence of dormancy and the performance of germination and emergence could be determined; storage during one year was not a factor that propitiated the appreciable loss of seed viability. The pre-planting treatments selected and applied through dry and moist scarification showed the efficacy of cutting and soaking, respectively, as germination and emergence promoting methods. The compared planting environments had a trend to show a relation between the expression of vigor and the climate elements. The combination of growth and initial development indicators allowed to develop an integrated methodology that led to a higher accuracy and reach of the biological-mathematical combination of the expression of vigor.