General model and procedures of support to decision making in order to develop Technology and Innovation Management in Cuban livestock production enterprises


Jesús Suárez Hernández

Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey Central España Republicana 44280, Matanzas, Cuba


The Cuban livestock production sector plays a key role in feeding the population; however, it has not been possible to satisfy the existing demand, due to the insufficient productive levels, on which the scarce existing experience about the Technology and Innovation Management (TIM) has influence, among other factors, because, very often, the considerable existing scientific and technological potential is not adequately exploited, as managerial processes are needed at all levels that lead to change in the processes of technology diffusion and adoption. In this regard, the Cuban livestock production enterprises do not yet have procedures to diagnose and evaluate their technological and innovation processes, watch over their technological and competitive surroundings, elaborate a technological development plan in the framework of a technological strategy and that allows them to enrich and improve their technological patrimony, as well as to protect it. This absence of procedures brings about an insufficient innovative behavior, a scarce strategic vision, insufficient links with higher education centers (CES) and science and technology units (UCT), the weak continuous training of human resources and the low adoption of sustainable state-of-the-art-technologies for this sector.
For such reason, it is necessary to develop a general model of application and its support procedures for decision-making that allow TIM in the Cuban livestock production enterprises, which constitutes a scientific problem to be solved, requiring studies that should comprise from the conceptual and strategic aspects to the theoretical and operational ones . Consequently, the general objective of this Doctoral Thesis consisted in conceiving and developing a general model of application and its specific procedures and tools of support to decision-making in the Cuban livestock production enterprises in transit towards highly innovative organizations, thus contributing to improve their technological capacities.
The main results of this research include the general model of application, as well as its procedures, recommendations and specific tools associated to the six basic functions to manage the resources and technological capacities, among which the technological inventory, the proposal of a system for the technological and competitive surveillance of the surroundings, a set of indicators (IIEG, EOEG, CTEG, NST, ETE) to valuate and improve the TIM, the election of the technological strategy and the design of a technological development plan to operationalize it, the procedures for the selection of technologies and the project management, as well as the proposals of the Technology and Innovation Manager and of the Technological Committee stand out as organizational solutions to undertake TIM in the Cuban livestock production enterprise. The application of the model and the procedures was carried out in a representative enterprise of the Cuban livestock production sector, through a case study, all of which allowed to validate the general hypothesis of the research.